Integrating legacy systems with modern networks

What is Legacy Modernization?

The goal of legacy modernization is to create an IT plan that will better support the organization's business goals, partners and customers. Benefits often include:

Even today, the best modernization solution may include connectivity to legacy systems or applications. It all depends on the unique infrastructure, resources and goals of the company. The only thing that is consistent is the need to stay competitive and drive innovation. TPS® Systems Integration Solutions maximize the benefits of new and existing technologies. By providing real-time access to data anywhere in the enterprise, every manager, customer and partner benefits from shared information and a positive user experience.

Legacy Network Connections


For many large enterprises, digital transformation is a multi-step process that includes connecting new systems to a mainframe environment. TPS® continues to support our legacy-based customers and to provide them with products that will ease their migration from SNA to TCP/IP or allow them to expand their network with new systems while continuing to utilize their legacy investments.

TPS® customers benefit from having cost-effective solutions that are flexible in  connecting to many different platforms and securely move data between departments, customers, vendors, or partners.

TPS®/SNA Secondary

Full-featured SNA gateway for Windows and UNIX/Linux platforms

Connect to SNA host

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TPS®/SNA Primary

"Virtual SNA Mainframe" software environment

Migrate host applications

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3270 Emulation

When your modernization plan includes any combination of 3270 devices or applications on either an SNA or TCP/IP network, TPS® 3270 emulators provide advanced features to control mainframe applications, screen scrape sessions and automate file transfers. 

TN3270 Server and Client support allows clients to minimize or eliminate SNA WAN connections while maintaining network performance. Data is encrypted with SSL to ensure security.

TPS®/3270 (SNA)

Enhanced 3270 emulation over an SNA connection

3270 emulator

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TPS®/TN3270 Server

Gateway enabling TCP/IP clients to access host SNA networks

TN3270 gateway

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TPS®/TN3270 Client

TN3270 emulator for downstream systems using a TCP/IP connection

TN3270 emulator

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