Learn what makes TPS® Systems different from the rest. With our established MFT software platform and numerous integration options, we’re excited to continue working to provide you with the quality and creativity you deserve.


TPS®/NFM gives organizations the flexibility to grow and integrate with different platforms so they securely connect with new partners and customers.

Centralized control and monitoring provides maximum protection without compromising the timely availability of information.


Automated workflows allow companies to evaluate business processes and create plans to move files based on a schedule or watching for specific events.

Our human-centric design allows TPS® software solutions to be customized, providing a more personalized user experience that evolves with your business.

TPS®/NFM (Network File Manager) is sometimes embedded in other software applications. It can also be customized to meet the unique needs of partners, vendors, and customers. Custom selected metrics make administration easy and the multilevel security gives compliance officers peace of mind that your mission-critical data is safe. 

"TPS®/NFM has taken processes that took hours and minutes to complete down to seconds."
Charles Hawalka
Manager of Infrastructure, Wakefern Food Corporation

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