Securely connecting systems and people anytime, anywhere

TPS Systems has been a leader in providing enterprise connectivity solutions for over 40 years

Having been in business for over 40 years, TPS has shown its ability to evolve as the industry has evolved.  From the primitive UNIX machines of the late 1970s to today’s sophisticated hardware and software platforms, TPS® continues to meet the needs of businesses still utilizing older systems with our legacy software and insuring that our new software can interface with these systems.

TPS Systems partnerships with companies such as SAP and IBM have led to the development of software solutions that cost-effectively address connectivity and secure file management for customers in many different industries all over the world. TPS collaborates with its partners and clients to understand any unique challenges and offer solutions that will provide the client with the most secure and efficient software solution. 

TPS Systems has thrived for 40 years because of its reputation for providing extraordinary support and the passion to help each client be the most competitive in their industry. 

TPS® Worldwide Network of Partners


Why partner with TPS® Systems?


Create the most comprehensive solutions by TPS® Systems’ secure networking and file management technology with applications that will give customers the best experience and companies the highest margins.


TPS® Systems’ 40 year track record of providing the most responsive technical support ensures that you  will always have the resources and knowledge you need to provide the best support for your customers.

Partner Programs & Benefits

Technology Partner

Integrate TPS® Software Into Your Technology Solution (may be Sold As your Brand)
  • Training During Development & Integration
  • Technical Support & Education
  • Joint Technology & Product Planning

Strategic Partner

Provide Solutions that may include reselling TPS® Software
  • Sales Support
  • Technical Support & Education
  • Joint Business Planning


Refer Leads to TPS® Systems and receive a commission on sales
  • Lead or Assist with Sales/Marketing
  • Coordination of Business Opportunities
  • Expand Available Solutions

"As a technology partner, it was easy to integrate TPS® software with our solution. Although there was rarely a support issue, we always received prompt and professional support directly from their software engineers."

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