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TPS®/SNA Primary and TPS®/ SNA ( Systems Network Architecture ) combine to create a “Virtual SNA Mainframe” software environment on a UNIX® System. TPS®/ SNA Primary enhances the flexibility of TPS®/ SNA by enabling a single UNIX®-based system to support upstream host PU type 4/5 connections to any downstream PU type 2.0 system ( such as a 3270 device ) or to a host PU4/5 system using Cross Domain support. Standard SNA software implementations in the UNIX® environment, including TPS®/ SNA, supports traditional PU type 2.0 / 2.1 connections to host PU type 4/5 systems and PU type 2.1 connections to peer-to-peer networks ( APPN ). TPS®/ SNA Primary offers dependent LU support for LU type 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7. Data link or connection types supported include: SDLC, Token Ring, Ethernet, and Data Link Switching - DLSw ( Switch-to-Switch Protocol ).

TPS®/SNA ( Systems Network Architecture ) is a full featured SNA implementation for both traditional hierarchical subarea networks ( PU 4 / 5 to PU 2.0 ) and peer-to-peer networks ( PU 2.1 ). LU support includes dependent support for LUs 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and dependent and independent LU support for LU 6.2. TPS®/SNA supports multiple links ( PUs ) and data link types on the same system ( limited only by the number and type of hardware adapters on the system ). Data link types supported include: SDLC, Token Ring, Ethernet, or Data Link Switching - DLSw ( Switch to Switch Protocol ).

TPS®/ SNA Primary can be used with TPS®/SNA to simulate a ‘Virtual SNA Mainframe’. Ideal for company looking to replace their mainframe or write customized applications. With TPS®/ SNA API support, TPS®/ SNA Primary is an excellent fit for developing SNA applications.


  • Robust SNA functionality for high-end SNA environments
  • Upstream host PU type 4/5 connectivity to downstream PU2.0 devices ( such as 3270 )
  • Upstream host PU type 4/5 connectivity to other PU4/5 host systems using Cross Domain support
  • Executes with TPS®/ SNA - providing PU2.0/2.1 connectivity to upstream host systems and APPN networks
  • High performance solution with low resource utilization
  • Interfaces with EHLLAPI of LU2 -type API
  • Advanced diagnostic tools for problem determination
  • Very easy installation and configuration
  • Creates a “Virtual SNA Mainframe” environment on a UNIX® system
  • From TPS® Systems — with 25+ year tradition of excellence in providing network software and support for large global enterprises


TPS®/ SNA Primary provides the basis for an easy migration from host environments to UNIX®. It is an ideal solution when organizations are:

  • Rehosting - moving mainframe applications (Batch and CICS) to a UNIX® environment
  • Needing to preserve their investment in existing PU2.0 ( 3270 ) devices
  • ATMs utilizing TPS®/PCA
  • Providing PU4/5 support for customers dialing in from downstream PU2.0/2.1 connections or PU4/5 host systems requiring Cross Domain support


Data-Link Protocol Support

    TPS®/ SNA Primary with TPS®/ SNA supports many data link types:

    • Synchronous Data Link Control ( SDLC )
      • Leased or switched connections
      • RS-232, RS-422, V.35, V.25, and SmartModem
    • Token Ring
      • IEEE 802.2 LLC
      • IEEE 802.5
      • Multiple connections per Token Ring supported
    • Ethernet
      • IEEE 802.2 LLC
      • IEEE 802.3 Ethernet or Standard Ethernet
      • Multiple connections per Ethernet supported
    • DLSw - Data Link Switching connection ( SSP - Switch to Switch Protocol )
      • Uses TCP/IP connection
      • PU connection to DLSw router using SSP
SNA PU Protocols
  • PU type 4 / 5 support
    • Connection to other PU 4/5 host systems using Cross Domain support
    • Connection to downstream PU type 2.0 systems
SNA LU Protocols
  • Dependent LU support for LUs 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7
Management Systems
    TPS®/ SNA Primary is designed for straightforward central site installation/deployment and efficient ongoing manageability. A Management Subsystem provides:

    • Installation using the operating system’s standard facilities
    • Quick and easy configuration
    • Full SNA and PU status display
    • Error logs
    • Complete trace facilities including fully formatted output
Additional Features
  • LU prioritization by address or COS
  • Multiple PUs on Token Ring or Ethernet
  • LU Gateway/Passthru feature
Network Availability & Resiliency
    TPS®/ SNA Primary provides automatic link restart and standard link error recovery procedures to support mission-critical networks.

SNA Primary Sales Brochure

SNA Primary General Info

14100 San Pedro Ave
Suite 600
San Antonio, TX 78232-4399
Phone: (210) 496-1984
Fax: (210) 490-6805

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 Operating System:

   IBM® AIX®
  pSeries (32 / 64-bit)

  IBM® pSeries (64-bit)
     Intel®/AMD® (32-bit)
     Intel® Itanium (64-bit)

  HP9000 (32 / 64-bit)
     HP Integrity (64-bit)

   Sun Solaris®
  Sparc (32 / 64-bit)

   SCO OpenServer5®

 Other Requirements:

  Supported communications adapter   driver


Evaluation copies of TPS® software products are available for a pre-specified time frame under the terms and conditions of the single-page TPS® Evaluation Agreement.

SNA, System Network Architecture, Cross Domain, peer to peer networks, SNA envirnoments, SDLC, token ring, ethernet, DLSw, data link switching, PU 4 / 5, APPN networks, switch to switch protocol, 3270



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