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TPS®/ MIX ( Multi-session Interactive eXecutive ) allows ASCII terminal users to run multiple UNIX® sessions from one terminal. This mult-session capability provides an enormous productivity boost. Users can create new sessions and toggle between multiple sessions without having to exit one application, drill into another application, exit that, and drill back down into the original.

Help desk operators and system administrators will also find TPS®/ MIX a powerful tool. The montor function allows the help desk operator or system administrator to see exactly the image that the user sees. The takeover function allows the person to drive the application. Both are helpful if you need to give training, product demonstrations, or “live” problem determination.

TPS®/ MIX also comes with a menu builder application. It is a great tool for creating menu style screens that can be used by users that do not know UNIX®. With the menu screen, users can select an item on the screen instead of needing to know the appropriate UNIX® command.

Create and toggle between multiple UNIX® sessions, the functionality to create menus, and the ability to monitor and even take control of users sessions—makes TPS®/ MIX a powerful user and administrator tool.


  • Allows users to run multiple sessions from one terminal
  • Help desk or system administrators can take control of or monitor user’s sessions
  • Dynamic session creation and deletion for users needing multiple sessions to applications
  • Menu builder program to allow access to programs when users are not familiar with UNIX®
  • Several handy pop-up applications included (such as a calculator, personal phone book, and calendar)
  • Major productivity boost for users who need access to multiple applications
  • Provides extra security through its password protected screen saver function
  • Adds screen print and cut-and-paste to any application
  • From TPS® Systems — with 25+ year tradition of excellence in providing network software and support for large global enterprises


TPS®/ MIX is ideal when:

  • Using ASCII terminals
  • Users need access to multiple applications or portions of an application The monitor function can provide help desk or training support
  • Users are not UNIX® gurus



The monitor function allows a help desk operator or system administrator to instantly see the exact same image that the user sees. The monitor screen is updated in sync with the user screen. The takeover function allows the help desk operator to drive the application.

Additional uses include training, security auditing, product demonstrations and “live” problem determination for maintenance.

Some customers have found the monitor capability to be a compelling reason to use TPS®/ MIX even though their users only work with a single session.


TPS®/ MIX provides a major productivity boost for users who need access to multiple applications or multiple areas within an application.

This occurs frequently. Examples include programmers working with editors, compilers, target applications and pharmacists working with multiple screens within a pharmacy application.

Importantly, it allows for effortless navigation through applications and an easier means of remembering your location within an application.

In addition, “long” jobs can be run in the background.

Added Functionality

TPS®/ MIX provides added functions for any application. These include screen print and “cut and paste”.


TPS®/MIX provides extra security through its password protected screen saver function.


TPS®/ MIX includes the "tpsmenu" program. This is a menu-builder program that allows easy integration of multiple applications. It is highly customizable and very useful for eliminating the need for users to “know UNIX”.

"Tpsmenu" allows programs to be run in separate TPS®/ MIX sessions or in the current foreground or background.

Pop-up applications

TPS®/ MIX provides a set of pop-up applications that run “on top of” the currently executing application. These include a handy calculator, personal phone book, calendar and broadcast messages that do not disturb the application.


TPS®/ MIX emphasizes high-end user productivity at the expense of some system resources.

TPS®/ MIX itself does use some memory for screen images and related session information. It also generates an extra process per user, for the keyboard task, and a process per session to allow applications to execute in the background. Disk space is not generally a problem since TPS®/MIX uses less than 2 MB.

The effect of running multiple applications or copies of an application for each terminal usually far outweighs the memory and process impact of TPS®/ MIX itself.

When users navigate by switching sessions, no application activity takes place. This can be important when the alternative, navigating through the application, would generate multiple database accesses.

MIX Sales Brochure

MIX General Info

14100 San Pedro Ave
Suite 600
San Antonio, TX 78232-4399
Phone: (210) 496-1984
Fax: (210) 490-6805

Contact me

 Operating System:

   IBM® AIX®
  pSeries (32/ 64-bit)

  IBM® pSeries (64-bit)
     Intel®/AMD® (32-bit)
     Intel® Itanium (64-bit)

  HP9000 (32-bit)

   Sun Solaris®
  Sparc (32-bit)  

Other Requirements:

ASCII terminal or emulator for AT&T 605, 610, 4410, or DEC VT100, VT100C, VT200, or IBM HFT, 3151, 3164, or JYACC JTERM, or Wyse 50, 60, 370

Evaluation copies of TPS® software products are available for a pre-specified time frame under the terms and conditions of the single-page TPS® Evaluation Agreement.

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