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TPS® Systems, Inc., continuing in its 30+ year role as a leader in product development, announces its newest product, TPS®/Web File Manager (WebFM). WebFM is an enterprise/network secure web-based file transfer system packed with many features including a secure, easy-to-use web-based transfer portal allowing any user with a valid user account to send data securely into your company's back-office enterprise system through any Java-enabled web browser without the need to install any additional client software or overhaul your company's security model. WebFM gives companies that have remote branches, vendors, and other related entities outside the corporate network the ability to securely send data to the corporate office as long as they have a valid user account. WebFM supports up to 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure all aspects of the data transfer and communication is protected. WebFM's detailed auditing system provides for tracking activities such as logons, files transferred, and viewing current file transfer status.

WebFM is comprised of three components: Server, Secure Bridge, and Client. The Server is deployed within the corporate intranet and secured using the company's SSL credentials. The Secure Bridge handles the secure connection to the Server from Clients outside the network. The Client is a signed Java Applet embedded within a HTML page. Since the Client runs within a web browser, users do not have any additional software to install or configure.

WebFM can be easily integrated with TPS®/NetWork File Manager (NFM). NFM is a complete, full-featured enterprise/network file distribution system packed with many additional features including back office file tracking and auditing, secure scheduled transfers, remote command line interface, and scheduled data delivery.


Computer Sciences Corporation, a world-wide commercial and governmental IT consulting firm, chose TPS® Systems, Inc., a software firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, to provide a number of their connectivity products to assist CSC in functionally replacing a mainframe-based system for a large governmental agency. The system provides query, retrieval, and display services for status verification of a person's eligibility for employment and government benefits. Total users of the system currently number around 100,000 with concurrent users nearing 1,000.

The objective was to develop a system to replace an existing mainframe-based system that supported a large number of 3270 terminals and dial-in PCs with a more modern and cost effective solution. In addition, the new system had to maintain the existing LU6.2 program to program interfaces with two large government agencies and had to incorporate a new "web based" access method. The system architecture for the mainframe replacement consists of an RS6000/AIX Communications Server, an RS/6000/AIX/Oracle Database Server, and several Intel/Windows 2000 based servers. Several trunk lines come into the Communications Server connecting to FEPs at government sites. SNA traffic from government networks come through the FEP across the trunk line to the Communications Server.

TPS® supplied CSC with three of its legacy connectivity products: TPS®/SNA Primary, TPS®/TN3270 Server, and TPS®/TN3270 Client. TPS®/SNA Primary is being used as a mainframe replacement utilizing its PU4/5 capabilities. It handles the 3270 connectivity from various state and federal networks, cross domain connectivity to one State Agency, and LU6.2/CPIC support to communicate program-to-program with the US Social Security Administration. The TN3270 Server and Client handle the remote PCs incoming TCP/IP traffic and convert it to SNA traffic.

The products from TPS® formed the foundation of the SNA connectivity needed by the project. TPS® was able to handle all of the communications issues in getting off of a mainframe and still being able to utilize existing downstream hardware. The use of a Unix mid level server based architecture based upon TPS products, in lieu of a traditional mainframe based architecture, has provided significant cost savings to the US government.


Wallington, Surrey, UK - December 1, 2003 - Homebase Ltd., a leading Home Improvements retailer in the UK, was faced with having to convert from a mainframe-based file distribution management system to a Windows-based one in a relatively short time frame. To accomplish this, TPS®'s NetWork File Manger was chosen.

Having been spun-off from its original parent company, major UK food retailer JS Sainsbury, Homebase had to find a file distribution management package to replace the one that had been running on their parent company's mainframe. After looking at several packages, it was decided to do an in-depth investigation of three packages. The key selection factors were support for the IBM 4690 and Microsoft Windows environments, minimal training, and the fastest means of implementation.

In choosing TPS®/NetWork File Manager (NFM), Bhups Dokal (CPoS Development Manager) stated, "NFM made the transition from our mainframe product easier because the theory, terminology, and concept of plans and cycles was much the same. Fortunately, NFM almost exactly replicated its functionality, and provided a much more user-friendly GUI, so the previous users adapted to the product in a matter of days. We were excited to find a product that so closely met our needs."

"Dealing with a company in the US was a concern with regards to support. However, with Sol-Tec, one of TPS®'s resellers in the UK, providing first line of support, this has not been a problem. The Support Group has been extremely responsive and supportive of the few issues that have been encountered."

The choice of TPS®/NetWork File Manager (NFM) over other file distribution products by Homebase Ltd. was based on several criteria. Homebase was faced not only with the conversion, but also with a time constraint. NFM provided the compatibility with the previous system, supported IBM 4690 and Windows environments, needed minimal training, and provided the fastest means of implementation. The conversion was completed well within the time frames needed.

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About Homebase Ltd.

Homebase Ltd. is a leading Home Improvements retailer in the UK. With over 270 locations in the UK, Homebase provides its customers with everything necessary for maintaining and improving the home.

About Sol-Tec Ltd.

Sol-Tec Ltd. creates fully integrated, end-to-end IT solutions that generate competitive advantage for a wide portfolio of organisations, ranging from private to public sector. It is delivered through a mix of consultancy, project management, and on-going support.


TPS® Systems, Inc. is continually expanding the functionality of our Network Management suite of products. Thus, TPS® is excited to announce the following new functions incorporated into TPS®/NetWork File Manager (NFM) followed by a brief description of each:

  • Software Management System
  • NVDM Node Support
  • OS/390 and Stratus Client Support
  • IP Multi-Casting
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Quick Functions
  • Modem Pooling
  • Local and Remote Command-line interface
  • Streaming File Transfers

Software Management System
SMS provides a way to group, distribute, track, and install software packages and suites across the corporation’s internal network. SMS allows software to be grouped together in packages (which contain single installable programs) or suites (which contain multiple packages). Software packages and suites can have certain requirements (software, hardware, operating systems, etc.) that is checked before the software is installed on the computer.

NVDM Node Support
This component supports the IBM’s NetView Data Management Client functionality. Utilizing TPS®/SNA gateway, files can be distributed throughout an SNA network to nodes defined as using the NVDM client. Will support concurrent SNA and TCP/IP protocols.

S/390 and Stratus Client Support
The Client for OS/390 will support NFM services on the IBM OS/390 mainframes running OS/390 MVS V2R5 or higher. The client exists as a basic load module that can be started interactively or run unattended as a OS/390 background task. The NFM client runs as a POSIX compliant application and uses the native OS/390 TCP/IP subsystem to communicate with the TPS/NFM server on a server host machine.

The Client for Stratus will support NFM services on the Stratus i860 running VOS Release 12.4.0m with OS TCP/IP. The client can be run from the VOS start_process command as is customary with other VOS application services.

IP Multicasting
IP Multicasting is a feature of the Internet Protocol Standards. This feature is implemented in TPSÒ/NFM so that when a fileset is transferred from a single source client to a large group of target clients, the IP multicast protocol can provide dramatically increased performance.

Bandwidth Management
There are several functions within NFM that allow you to control Bandwidth Management:

  • Throttling - Resource throttling.
  • Pacing - Block size and request/acknowledgment interval timing
  • Traffic Shaping - Time throttling
  • Priority - priority levels

Quick Functions
Quick Functions enable users to perform simple operations on demand (non-scheduled). A user can perform a simple file transfer (one file) from a source node to a target node, execute a non-interactive command on a target node and run a pre-defined plan. The quick functions, in addition to offering a simplified way for users to perform certain tasks, also allows for a class of users to be created that can benefit from the services of NFM while being completely restricted as to which resources they may access.

Modem Pooling
Modem Pooling allows the user to control a list of available modems for use by NFM. This will allow the automatic scheduling of the modem pool.

Local Command and Remote Line Interface
The NFM Command Line Interface provides a server functionality to allow the flexibility to accomplish tasks that can be performed through the GUI user interface. This feature will allow you to automate functions to control and configure the system.

The NFM Remote Command Line Interface provides a functionality to allow the client program to control server functions. It enables the system to have event driven capabilities and allow you to automate functions to control and configure the system.

Streaming File Transfers
A streaming file transfer allows a file to be transferred as it is being written to by another application or command. Once a streaming file transfer starts, it will copy whatever portion of the file that exists to the target node, check the file every # seconds, and continue copying any new data appended to the file until such time as the transfer is terminated.

If you need more information, please go to TPS®/NFM or contact sales



Wakefern Food Corporation, a retailer-owned supermarket cooperative headquartered in Elizabeth, NJ, has chosen TPS®/NetWork File Manager (NFM) to replace its mainframe file distribution system. Wakefern had used this distribution system to exchange data among its mainframe, RS/6000s, and IBM 4690s for distributive processing, as well as Stratus systems, which are used to handle the Warehouse Management Systems.

The need to convert from SNA file transfers to TCP/IP transfers initiated the search for a replacement. In addition to NFM, Wakefern reviewed two other file distribution products from large software companies. However, neither of them was able to provide IBM 4690 support.

In choosing TPS®/NetWork File Manager, Charles Hawalka, Manager of Infrastructure for Wakefern, stated, "Clearly NFM had a number of advantages over its competition. Foremost of these are:

  1. NFM supports all the platforms Wakefern was looking to convert, the mainframe (OS/390), RS/6000s (AIX), 4690s, and the Stratus.
  2. The ability to eliminate in-house developed data translators.
  3. NFM provides an automated and secured FTP solution for Wakefern's business partners with the integration of PGP encryption software into the external file transfers.
  4. NFM's ability to implement the conversion with no coding changes to any existing application programs on all platforms involved in the conversion."

Hawalka added, "NFM has taken processes that took hours and minutes to complete down to minutes and seconds. NFM has eliminated the time consuming headaches of trouble shooting our dial-up transfers down to a reliable, secured FTP process that completes in seconds."

About Wakefern Food Corporation:
From a small, struggling cooperative with seven members - all owners of their own grocery stores - Wakefern Food Corporation has grown into the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States and one of the largest employers in New Jersey. The cooperative is comprised of 39 members who individually own and operate supermarkets under the ShopRite banner. Today, Wakefern, the merchandising and distribution arm of the company, and the 200 ShopRite stores located throughout New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, employ more than 40,000 people


The Retail/Wholesale community has discovered TPS®/NetWork File Manager (NFM). In the past few months, TPS® has added five new companies to our growing list of users. The new companies cover a number of industries: grocery, do-it-yourself, sports equipment, wholesale distribution, and property management. In addition, another two companies have the software in a pilot mode. Below are short profiles on a few of the companies that have bought NFM. These sales have come directly through the TPS® sales department and through our Reseller Program.

The first success was a sale to a large grocery chain of over 200 stores located in the Northeastern part of the United States. They were looking for a way to move their file distribution off of an IBM mainframe in order to extend its life cycle. They had been using IBM’s NetView Distribution Manager (NVDM) to distribute files to UNIX boxes, IBM 4690s, and a Stratus box. They were looking for a package to run on a UNIX server that could communicate with these devices as well as the mainframe. The user tested NFM against another UNIX package, a mainframe package, and NVDM. NFM easily outperformed each of the other products and was the only product that could communicate with each of the desired platforms. Additional bonuses were that NFM was substantially less expensive and the training time was minimal. The lessened training time was due to the format of NFM being very similar to NVDM. Needless to say, the migration was very successful and the user is extremely happy.

The second success was the sell of NFM to a large do-it-yourself chain with over 250 stores in the United Kingdom. Their situation was very similar to the one above. They also had an IBM mainframe running NVDM. They had been sold and had been given a short time to move of the former owner’s mainframe. Since the new owner did not have a mainframe, they were looking for an inexpensive way to distribute their files from a Windows-based Server to IBM 4690s and Windows-based terminals in all of their stores across the UK. Because of their short time frame, they needed a package they could learn quickly and would meet all of their needs. In looking at packages, they discovered NFM was so similar in format to NVDM that it took them a very short time to migrate to NFM. This, along with the competitive pricing, made their decision very easy. They were up and running with plenty of time to spare.

In addition to these installations, our Reseller Program has provided installations at a large beverage retailer, a commercial real estate management firm, a small sports equipment chain, and a small distribution firm. The beverage retailer had over 200 stores they needed to manage remotely in a Windows-based environment. The commercial real estate management firm owns numerous malls across the United States. Their need was to keep track of available square footage, customer demographics, and other items to determine how best to develop their properties.

These, as well as the numerous other NFM users, have chosen NFM based on price, performance, and product capabilities. Rread the White Paper on NFM. For additional information, to schedule a demonstration, or to order the product, contact the TPS sales department.



COMPANY OBJECTIVE: Enhance information delivery to increase customer satisfaction.

Known widely as a leader in their industry, Wegmans is a privately-held supermarket retailer that was founded in 1916 and has its headquarters in Rochester, New York. They have 60 stores that produce over $2 billion in annual sales and rank among the 100 largest private companies in the country.

With stores spread over a three state area, Wegmans was in need of a fast, secure and reliable means of sending and receiving files between its corporate and stores systems. TPS®/NETWORK FILE MANAGER (NFM), marketed by TPS® Systems, Inc. of San Antonio, Texas, was one of the products they evaluated. In their examination, the product needed to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Be able to schedule sending and retrieving files as well as provide remote program execution.
  2. Provide a central point of management.
  3. Provide a batch mode interface.
  4. Provide a browser interface to provide access from anywhere on the company intranet.
  5. Be able to transfer files not only from server-to-client, but also from client-to-client.
  6. Be able to support AIX, SUN, NT, 4690, OS/390, and Stratus platforms.
  7. Be able to support SNA and TCP/IP protocols.
  8. Be able to interface with our current scheduler.

Mr. Don Reeve is Director of IT of Wegmans Food Markets. Since selecting NFM, Mr. Reeve has stated, "TPS®/Network File Manager meets all of our needs. After evaluating some of the top-selling systems, we found the TPS® product not only meets our processing requirements, but also our budgetary qualifications. The TPS® system provides us what we need and then some without having to pay for extra bells and whistles that we would never use."

"NFM has given us the ability to distribute files and software updates, and start processes throughout our enterprise. It will also give us the ability to establish business-to-business communications with our vendors by exchanging information via our extranet. While TPS® has some requirements to complete (OS/390 support the end of 1Q01), TPS® has been very cooperative in discussing our future needs as well."

"Wegmans has been a hybrid SNA and TCP/IP shop for years, and plans to totally convert to TCP/IP by the end of 2001. The NFM solution gives us the ability to install a package now under SNA and migrate store by store to IP, allowing us to get rid of NDM, without having to do a mass changeover at once. I would recommend TPS® as a company and NFM in particular if a company is looking for a reliable, cost-effective means of distributing files and software updates. They have not only met our needs, but have exceeded our expectations."


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