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Why Partner with TPS®?

The rapidly changing world of Information Technology, which now includes global requirements, downsizing, and reengineering, is forcing organizations to look outside of their own staff for resources. These resources are found through the use of consultants, systems integrators, and ISVs. The main use of these resources is to assist in determining necessary changes and the implementation of these changes to the organization's enterprise business approach. One of the problems these resources face is the multitude of needs in solving the end user's needs. It is virtually impossible to be able to satisfy all of these needs. The answer to this predicament, is partnering. Use your solutions to satisfy the business requirements of the end user and partners to resolve issues outside of your expertise.

TPS® is aware of the important role these resource providers play in the process of selecting, sizing, and delivering the computing solutions that meet the organization’s business requirements. For many years, TPS® has been selling directly to the end-users and working with a limited number of Authorized Resellers. While this approach has been successful for TPS® in the past, the New World that we must operate in dictates that we expand our Authorized Reseller base.

The overall goal of this expansion is to develop Business Partner relationships with organizations that are involved in the activities described above. We are looking for partners that have proven records in the successful deployment of business solutions in major organizations. Through the use of TPS®'s expansive suite of connectivity and data movement products, our partners are able to offer their customer organization more complete business solutions.

TPS® offers prospective Business Partners the ability to expand their solution portfolio with our products and technical expertise. If a partner’s sales people identify an opportunity, TPS® will assist them in closing the business. Our technical staff is available for pre-sales activities and post-sales support. This means Business Partners have the ability to sell TPS® products without their staff having to go through extensive training. This is of particular importance in dealing with mainframes and legacy connectivity, data distribution / gathering and message switching. Many of our business partners, whose main interest lies in delivering business solutions, lack the knowledge on their staff to deal with the aforementioned issues. The TPS® staff has the experience and expertise to satisfy these needs. This means that our partners have an additional technical capability at no additional cost.


How do we Partner?

TPS® has Business Partners around the world. Some of these are referenced on the right-hand side of the page. These partnerships come in three forms:

  • Distributor
  • Reseller
  • Referrer

TPS® works with all three with varying degrees of involvement.

A Distributor is a TPS® Reseller that has added TPS® products to their portfolio for their resellers. A Distributor is very familiar with the TPS® products they represent and, usually, need very little TPS® involvement. A Distributor acts as a first line of suport for their resellers.

A Reseller either adds TPS® products to their portfolio or integrates a TPS® product(s) with their product. The Reseller may need more TPS® involvement due to the size and/or experience of their staff. A Reseller acts as first line of support to determine if it is a TPS® problem. If so, TPS® handles the problem.

A Referrer can be any company that has a need for TPS® products to provide a solution for their customer. The Referrer co-markets with TPS®, but, once the sale is made, is not responsible for any type of support. Their customer will obtain support directly from TPS®.

TPS® provides various types of discounts.fees depending on the type of relationship TPS® has with its Business Partner.

Within TPS®, there is a group which has the responsibility for managing the partnerships. The only function of this group is to ensure that the partners receive proper support through a host of services provided by TPS®. These technical and business development services include:

Technical Support Services:

· Technical briefings
· Electronic access to product material
· Rapid electronic information dissemination
· Hot Site conference calls for emergency issue resolution
· TPS® products for evaluation testing
· Pre and post-sales technical support
· Technical education

Business Relationship Services:

· Direct corporate contact
· Joint business planning
· Promotion of partner services
· Event support
· Coordination of business opportunities
· Co-marketing


Where is TPS® going with its Partners in the Future?

Industry partnerships have become a critical element of the TPS® business strategy. Our continued success as a connectivity, data distribution / gathering, and message switching provider in a multi-vendor environment has become increasingly dependent on the success of our partners and their customers. In order to assure our mutual success, we need to:

* Enhance each other’s business
* Create new areas of opportunity
* Work together to resolve the ever increasing challenges


What are you looking for in Business Partners?

If you are a consultant, systems integrator, or an ISV that deals in enterprise solution requirements, TPS® offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your business portfolio with our products and technical expertise. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your company’s marketplace, products, and skill sets to see if partnering between our organizations makes good business sense.


CONTACT:Barry Englebrecht
Telephone (210) 496-1984
FAX (210) 490-6805






TPS® International Business Partners

In order to better serve its customers TPS® has developed partnering arrangements with the following companies:

SAP: SAP is a leading global provider of customer-centric solutions for the retail industry.

SAP is a global provider of customer-centric solutions for the retail industry. By integrating market-leading Point-of-Sale / Point-of- Interaction (POS/POI), Loss Prevention and Retail CRM solutions, SAP provides retailers with the capability to offer a consistent shopping experience across all channels, all the time, and enables them to easily and effectively manage the customer lifecycle on a one-to-one basis.

Wraptor Laboratories:  is a company that designs and publishes integration software (middleware) aimed at clients that owns heterogeneous systems and those who are looking for a fast integration of emerging technologies into their existing system.

Wraptor Laboratories is a company that designs and publishes integration software (middleware) aimed at clients that owns heterogeneous systems and those who are looking for a fast integration of emerging technologies into their existing system. Today, Wraptor Laboratories produces, commercializes and maintains of the APILINK suite, a package of non-intrusive softwares providing Enterprise Applications Integration, Web to Host, Legacy to Web and Legacy to Wireless (WAP, ...).

erhvervs-gruppen, danmark a|s:   Total supplier of EDP solutions and data communication protocols erhvervs-gruppen, danmark a|s

erhvervs-gruppen, danmark a|s has more than 20 years’ experience in providing total EDP solutions and technical support for many companies, in various branches.erhvervs-gruppen is an "all-in-one" EDP supplier and primarily offers the products of the worlds largest manufacturers of server-systems and PC's - regarded as the technological leaders in the market today.

Adaptive Connectivity Solutions:   Australasian sales and support partner for TPS<sup>®</sup> Systems, Inc. Adaptive Connectivity Solutions
Ewan Wilson at

Australasian sales and support partner.

Azure (Taiwan)

A systems integrator that specializes in the Finance and Banking industries. They cover Taiwan and Mainland China for TPS®.

Inteltech (Philippines)

A systems integrator for the Finance and Banking industries providing a total Financial Solution. They cover the Philippines and Indonesia for TPS®.

Sol-Tec ( U.K.)

A systems integrator providing consulting, project management, and support for organizations in both the public and private sectors. They cover the U.K. for TPS®.

(The Netherlands)

A systems integrator providing software and consulting for call centers in various industries across Europe.

Open Solutions SOSystems (U.S.)

A software provider for Credit Unions across the United States.

Appix (U.S.)

A systems integrator providing the subject matter expertise, business and technology consulting services, and products for the banking, insurance, and fixed income trading industries.

J&M Industries (U.S.)

A software provider for heating and air conditioning distributors across the United States.

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