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TPS® Systems, Inc. is a thirty-year old company that remains a dynamic force in the world of connectivity. Over the years, TPS® has evolved from a firm exclusively focused on software for the IBM Series/1 family to one focused on SNA-centric communications to a present day firm focused on network management solutions. But, unlike our competitors that have abandoned its legacy-based customers, TPS® continues to support our legacy-based customers and to provide them with products that will ease their migration from SNA to TCP/IP when and if they decide to do so. All of our products have been developed in-house and are marketed to a global clientele of primarily Fortune 500 firms and large governmental agencies.

While still maintaining our legacy suite of products, TPS® has expanded its Network/Industry Solutions. These products have evolved from their initial designs to the current versions based on our customers' inputs. These inputs have come from customers in various industries and have made these products truly cross industry. In doing so, we have not only enhanced our products, but also have expanded out platform/operating systems support to include Unix/Linux systems, all Windows versions, IBM mainframe support, Stratus support, POS devices such as IBM 4690, and has the ability to utilize 32 and 64-bit processors.

With its long history, TPS® has built a rock-solid reputation for:

•  Software Solutions – meeting the quality and functional/ technical requirements of large, complex, business-critical networks for demanding Fortune 500 firms and government agencies

•  Technical Expertise in:

- SNA and its migration to client/server
- UNIX, Linux, and Windows platforms
- Communication-related device drivers
- Networking utilities and management tools
- Traditional WAN, frame relay and LAN

•  Outstanding Support and Service

•  Professionalism, Flexibility and Responsiveness

•  Highly Satisfied Customers


In keeping with today's customer needs, TPS® continues to enhance our current solutions as well as develop new browser-based client/server products that enhance business-to-business systems. Although TPS® products are not “Applications” in the true sense of the word, a number of our products work extremely well with client applications or projects to include credit card/payment authorization; WEB-to-Host access; ATM for Banking; SNA to IP conversion; and peer-to-peer file transfer. These new products continue the trend of TPS® to provide our customers with state-of-the-art systems while still providing them the ability to run these products on older protocols and use them as a means of migration. This has always been the mission of TPS® and will continue to be such.

Legacy Solutions

    · SNA Primary (PU 4, 5)
    · RJE
    · SNA (PU 2.X)
    · TN3270 Server
    · 3270
    · TN3270 Client

Network Mgmt

•  NetWork File Manager (NFM)
     •  NetWork Transaction Manager (NTM)
     •  WebFM
     •  Multisession Interactive Executive (MIX)
     •  Protocol Conversion Application



TPS® has established a long-lasting business partner relationships with major hardware and software vendors to include IBM, Sun, HP, Compaq, CSC, EDS, SAP, Azure (Taiwan), Wraptor Labs (France), Sol-Tec (U.K.), and E-G (Denmark). Over the years, TPS® has created Product Offerings and Program Products for these partners.



TPS® solutions fall into two broad categories:

Network Managment / Industry Solutions

Legacy Solutions



To learn more about TPS® products, or to inquire about possible business relationships, please contact TPS® sales department.


TPS® serves a global client base sharing the following characteristics:

  • Fortune 500 firms or national / state agencies
  • Many remote sites / offices
  • Large legacy-heritaged client / server networks


Over the years, TPS® has built a large customer base to include companies and governmental agencies such as:

American Airlines
Carrier Corp.
Hot Topics
Homebase (UK)
Boots (UK)
French Railroad
ING Bank
Grupo Sanborn (Mexico)
US Navy
Virginia DMV
Virginia ACB
Washington Post
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Cathay Bank (China)
Tommy Hilfilger
Family Dollar
Telus (Canada)
Diamond Key (New Zealand)
Tegut (Germany)


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